Date: 11th December 2000

Heche Gave Downey JR Drugs

ANNE HECHE is responsible for ROBERT DOWNEY JR's latest drugs controversy, according to a sensational new expose in American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

The actress allegedly supplied the actor with drugs while they were working together on the set of TV show ALLY McBEAL, and her help lured Downey Jr back into the hell he had hoped to escape. His latest drug arrest in Palm Springs, California - just four months after his release from prison - could land him back in jail.

The troubled actor, who is due to be arraigned on 27 December (00), served a year in CORCORAN STATE PRISON for violating parole on drugs charges. An unnamed party pal claims Heche gave him the drugs which led to him returning to his abusive ways. The source says, "I was there when, just hours before his arrest, Robert blamed Anne for his downfall. We were all partying in his suite at the MERV GRIFFIN RESORT and one of Robert's best buddies, MARK MILLER, angrily blurted out, `That f**king Anne Heche, she's the bitch who started him off on this binge.' "I looked at Robert and he just nodded in agreement and shrugged his shoulders."

Another close pal reveals he was with the actor when he went to a party with Heche and boyfriend COLEY LAFFOON - a week before his arrest. He adds, "
Robert was definitely glassy-eyed." (KL/NE/NFA)

Source: WENN