Date: 9th December 2000

Natalie's Glass Act

STAR WARS actress NATALIE PORTMAN has been lined up to play ALICE in a new, darker film version of the LEWIS CARROLL story ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Portman, 19, who plays Queen AMIDALA in STAR WARS I and II, will play the heroine as a "goth", rather than an innocent blonde. The modern take on the traditional story has been inspired by a web game created by American McGEE - who directed CHARLIE'S ANGELS - in which Alice is a knife-wielding cyberwarrior.

The film is set to be directed by SCREAM and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET director WES CRAVEN. It will feature familiar characters like the WHITE RABBIT, the CHESHIRE CAT, the MAD HATTER, TWEEDLEDUM and TWEEDLEDEE and the JABBERWOCK, as well as new ones like giant ants. Creator McGee, 28, says, "The story we've created is meant to take place after Alice's last adventure in THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. "As there were two original books, this might be considered book three. The game actually starts one year to the day after that last adventure." (CB/WNSSU/NFA)

Source: WENN