Date: 9th December 2000

Basinger And Baldwin's Marriage In Danger

KIM BASINGER and ALEC BALDWIN's seven-year marriage has hit stormy waters.

Oscar-winning Kim has apparently been consulting divorce lawyers calling her husband a 'tinpot tyrant and bully', while Baldwin has called Kim 'dark and manipulative'.

The pair were recently spotted having a blazing row in restaurant in New York, America. A furious Baldwin was heard yelling, "I tell you and I tell you... but you never do what I tell you to do." Kim then left the restaurant with Alec in hot pursuit and the row continued. A shocked witness says, "They were going at it like cat and dog."

A friend of Kim's has spoken of the pairs troubles, claiming, "She told me 'I have to get out of this marriage while I still have my sanity.'"


Source: WENN