Date: 8th December 2000

Fatherhood makes Arnie Crazy

Action hero ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is crazy - when it comes to kids. The muscle man - who is currently in London to promote his latest film THE 6TH DAY - says some of his behaviour has teetered on the brink of madness since he and his wife, MARIA SHRIVER, had children.

He says, "I've done some crazy stuff since I became a dad. Like when the family horse died, my kids begged me not to bury it, so my wife and I decided to cremate the horse and put the ashes in an urn the garage. "If someone had of told me ten years ago that I'd be doing crazy stuff like keeping horse ashes in my garage I would have thought they were mad - but now I'm the mad one. "Fatherhood does that to you - you do all these crazy things just to keep your kids happy."

And the TERMINATOR star claims that beating up villains on the big screen is easy compared to being a dad. He adds, "Being an action hero is a hell of a lot easier than being a father. But I absolutely love being a dad. "It has taught me so much and it is really hard work, but I've become much more patient and considerate. I love my kids so much. They have made me a better man."


Source: WENN