Date: 4th September 2000

Spice Husband Hits Back At Mel's Lies.

SPICE GIRL MEL B's estranged husband JIMMY GULZAR has slammed accusations that he is gay. In an interview with British tabloid THE SUN, 33-year-old Gulzar claims the reason he wouldn't have sex with the 25-year-old WORD UP star for three months was because she had her breasts enlarged without telling him.

He reveals, "Mel knew I was dead against it because it meant she would no longer be able to breastfeed our daughter PHOENIX CHI. I felt Phoenix should come first. I wanted her to be strong and healthy and all the advice was that breast milk is best."

Bald Gulzar also denies that Mel bought him Viagra in a bid to lure him into bed. He adds, "The truth is that I didn't want to have sex with her. I wouldn't have gone near her with a barge pole.

I was too angry with her to even contemplate making love with her. "
Sex was the only thing that I had total control over and the only way I had left of saying 'No' to Mel. And the cheap insinuation that I'm bisexual or gay is beneath contempt. I can categorically state that I have never, ever had any kind of sexual relations with a man. I have a daughter, for God's sake."


Source: WENN



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