Date: 6th December 2000

Mel Gibson And Downey Jr's Hamlet Willl Go On

MEL GIBSON is compensating struggling actor ROBERT DOWNEY JR for SHARON STONE's rejection - by backing him all the way.

Gibson insists his plans to work with Downey Jr on a stage version of SHAKESPEARE's classic HAMLET are still in the pipeline, despite Downey Jr's recent run in with the police when cocaine was allegedly found in the actor's possession. He says, "I've been in touch a little and he'll be fine, he's OK. "Our project is going to happen. He was busy with the Ally thing so we postponed it, but it will happen some time along the line."

Downey's next project - the BASIC INSTINCT sequel starring opposite Sharon Stone - has been shelved, and will go ahead next year without the drug troubled actor. (SVD/WNV/KW)

Source: WENN



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