Date: 6th December 2000

Zeta Jones Made Douglas Wait Nine Months For Sex

CATHERINE ZETA JONES made husband MICHAEL DOUGLAS wait nine months before they slept together - so she could be sure he was serious about her.

Zeta Jones admits she followed her mother's advice to make Douglas wait, refusing to have sex with him for nearly a year. Douglas - who reportedly attended a rehabilitation clinic to be treated for an addiction to sex in the early 1990s - was less reserved, declaring to the Welsh stunner on their very first date, "I want to father your children".

But wily Zeta Jones rebuffed the lusty megastar's advances, and insisted he play the dating game before he got anywhere near the prize. She says, "My mother always said, 'Don't show them everything.' When we first met him it was a flirtation dance, which I found very flattering, but I didn't know how much he meant it. "I didn't want to jump into bed. I didn't want to start something where distance would make it a fling."

Zeta Jones' determination to make Douglas wait was a result of the media nightmare she experienced when she was engaged to BRAVEHEART actor ANGUS MacFADYEN. She says, "
I didn't want Michael Douglas to be part of my list,and I didn't want to be part of his list. "He didn't want to have his teeth kicked in either. So this scared love dance went on for nine months. "He only got a kiss on the cheek - maybe three times a real kiss." (SVD/VF/KW)

Source: WENN



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