Date: 4th September 2000

Guy Richie Reveals Rocco Takes After His Dad

MADONNA's lover GUY RITCHIE was deeply concerned his baby son looked Greek when he first saw him but now insists the child looks like the movie mogul's dad - "bald and wrinkly."

Madonna gave birth to ROCCO last month (AUG00) and both Ritchie and Madonna were deeply concerned as the boy was held in newborn intensive care for several days with breathing difficulties and failed to put weight on. Ritchie says, "The baby was only 5 pounds and 9 ozs and then started losing a bit of weight and I got worried. "But now he's healthy and good as gold and putting on weight." But Ritchie admits, once the child's health scares were over, he was concerned over Rocco's looks.

Ritchie adds, "
He looked a bit Greek, which was a concern of mine. He was hairy and dark - and I am neither. But now he is starting to look like my dad - bald and wrinkly."


Source: WENN