Date: 3rd December 2000

Melanie Quit Treatment To Save Her Marriage

MELANIE GRIFFITH quit rehabilitation after just eight days of a 30- day stay - to save her rocky marriage to ANTONIO BANDERAS.

The actress checked herself into the DANIEL FREEMAN RECOVERY CENTER in California last month (NOV00), in a bid to kick an addiction to painkillers, but she left to mend her marriage.

A source says, "Melanie has opted to do a more risky outpatient programme, where she attends daily meetings instead of the conventional 30-day inpatient recovery route. "She's been on a rollercoaster and she's afraid that Antonio, who has tried to be understanding and supportive, will not be around if she isn't successful." "Antonio is steamed that he finally convinced her to get help for her addiction, only to have her leave the programme."


Source: WENN