Date: 3rd December 2000

Eddie Murphy's Animal Smells

Actor EDDIE MURPHY can't wear cologne or deodorant on the set of DR DOOLITTLE 2 - because it drives the animals wild.

Murphy, who is undergoing a second round of talking to the animals, is currently filming alongside dozens of four-legged and winged co-stars - but he has to watch his odours.

Teenage rapper and actor LIL ZANE, who stars alongside the American funnyman in the movie, says the shoot is full of hairy moments. He says, "It's dangerous and it's funny at the same time. There's a lot of wild animals and you can't wear certain colognes, certain perfumes, because they might jump on you. "Eddie's really good with the animals. He said since the first movie, he went home and got some practice, but he's a pro whatever he does."

But Lil Zane admits he hasn't yet reached Murphy's level or professionalism. He says, "
I stay ten feet away from the animals, when they come out I go in my trailer."


Source: WENN