Date: 3rd December 2000

Sean Connery Takes Young Actor Under His Wing

Acting newcomer ROB BROWN has made his first friend in the business - SEAN CONNERY.

Sixteen-year-old Brown, who stars alongside Connery in the upcoming movie FINDING FORRESTER, about the relationship between a reclusive novelist and a brilliant young scholar-athlete, discovered his real-life mentor in the legendary Scottish actor. Connery took him under his wing, inviting him back to his home whenever they got a free moment so they could chat.

Brown says, "I spent a lot of time at his apartment while we were shooting and we just talked for hours. I'd be asking him questions and he answered all of them. We went to dinner together a lot."

And Connery was equally impressed with Brown, who he says needed no coaching from him for the film. He says, "I just thought he was so surprisingly good. He's very intelligent, straight A scholar - and he's just 16.

But Brown has yet to succumb to the trappings of stardom - he's still concentrating on his schoolwork. He adds, "
This is my first acting thing - unless you count a school play I did in third grade. "Things are getting a lot busier now, but other than that, it's still the same. When Im not acting, I'm in school."


Source: WENN



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