Date: 4th September 2000

No Sex For Shaft

SAMUEL L JACKSON was terribly disappointed with his new film - because it had no sex.

The PULP FICTION star plays SHAFT in the remake of the classic 70's TV show, but was upset that his character was "cleaned up", since the original Shaft was a womanising player. He says, "The sex was something that was discussed from the script stage through the shoot, but excuses kept being made and the scenes were put further and further back in the schedule until we didn't film them at all.

It was a politically correct thing. The studio felt that if we did them, it might offend some women." Director JOHN SINGLETON defends his romp-free film, saying, "In the States, people are much more squeamish about sex than violence."

But the actor has hit upon a fail-safe way to ensure the film's sequel is as raunchy as the original. He explains, "
I'm gonna have a sex clause in my contract for the next one."


Source: WENN