Date: 1st December 2000

Britain Celebrates Black Beauties

The cream of London's glamour brigade were out in full force last night (30NOV00) for the launch of BLACK BEAUTY, a book celebrating the world's most successful black stars.

Interior designer NICKY HASLAM and TV presenter JEREMY VINE wre among the celebrity guests at the exclusive Rock nightclub.

Top British DJ and producer RONI SIZE didn't want to restrict his evening, and said, "Lets celebrate black beauty or white beauty or Philippino beauty. All forms of culture should be celebrated." BEN ARONGUNDADE's book on black beauties was inspired when the journalist fell into the world of modelling.

He explains, "I was reporting backstage at a Paris show and one male model didn't turn up - and then I ended up wearing this model's clothes and they fitted. "The industry favours white female models then white men and slightly lower down black females and then right at the bottom black men."


Source: WENN