Date: 30th November 2000

Clooney Predicts New Ocean's Eleven Will Attract Heat

George Clooney has indicated that he has mixed feelings about his decision to star in the remake of Ocean's Eleven with Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Alan Arkin and Don Cheadle.

On the one hand, he told USA Today columnist Jeannie Williams, "I'm sure we're going to take a lot of heat. You know and I know we can only lose in doing this. With a cast like ours, people will sit back with their arms crossed going, 'Show me.'" On the other hand, he suggested to Williams, the original film, which starred Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack, really doesn't hold up. "The guys in the original film are great," Clooney said, "but the movie doesn't really work on any level. ... Maybe we'll make up for not being as cool as Sammy Davis Jr., Frank and Dean Martin by having a better script."

Source: Studio Briefing



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