Date: 30th November 2000

Travolta in Massive Payout

Hollywood actor, JOHN TRAVOLTA, has been hit with a $600,000 (400,000) bill after a five year battle with the taxman.

The fight began when the 46-year-old PULP FICTION star was accused of "improperly" trimming his taxable earnings by America's Internal Revenue Service. They demanded almost $1.1 million (750,000) in back tax for the years 1993-95.

GREASE actor Travolta filed an appeal at the court near his Virginia home. But the two sides have now settled on the $600,000 payment.

The taxman said Travolta wrongly stated his income as $1.5 million (1 million) in '94 and '94 and $4.6 million (3.1 million) in '95. His career was on a relative slump at the time - he now gets $19.5 million (13 million) a movie. (RGS/WNTSU/PDD)

Source: WENN