Date: 30th November 2000

Tom Cruise to Join Nicole Kidman on UK Stage ?

NICOLE KIDMAN is set to return to the West End stage - but this time with hubby TOM CRUISE in tow!

The famous couple are reported to be looking into a joint production at the DOMAR WAREHOUSE, London - where Nicole did a stint two years ago (98) in the play THE BLUE ROOM with IAIN GLEN.

Actor DOUGRAY SCOTT says, "I have heard talk about it. I think it will be fantastic, they are both terrific actors. The security will be interesting though, I mean how will they allow people to get so close to them on stage."

Dougray, who is himself finishing up a run in SAM MENDES production of TO THE GREEN FIELDS BEYOND at the Donmar, adds, "I think they should both go there, together, I think they will have a wonderful time. (ALS/E/CPT)

Source: WENN



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