Date: 29th November 2000

MNF Viewers Collide Over Miller

America Online on Monday posted on its home page an invitation for Monday Night Football viewers to "post your advice on how Dennis Miller can improve in the booth." Many viewers indicated that they would be pleased if Miller was tossed out of the booth. "Dennis is beyond help. Have stopped watching until he leaves," one wrote. Another wrote: "He's a damn, boring comedian."

Another: "MNF ... is not a time to crack jokes and try to be the funny guy in the booth. We don't want to hear jokes, we want to hear relavent (sic) stats." Another: "He comes on acting pretentious and PRAYING we all pay attention so we can look up his words later." Likewise: "He's to (sic) intellectual for most sports oriented idiots."

But Miller also has his ardent supporters, it would seem. "Dennis Miller finally started to be real good last night," one of them wrote. "Sometimes his humor went over peoples (sic) head, because, after all how many people know about the rosetta stone?" Another supporter: "He's hilarious. ... Go Dennis. MNF has never been this good." Still another: "I have found that while watching Monday night football I look forward to his fresh comentary (sic)."

Source: Studio Briefing