Date: 29th November 2000

Billy Bob's Tatoo Disasters

American actor BILLY BOB THORNTON often has to have his tattoos altered - because his relationships don't work.

The PUSHING TIN star has the name of every woman he falls in love with tattooed on his body - but he's convinced the newest tattoo of ANGELINA JOLIE's name is for keeps.

He says, "The first name besides mine that I got was this Mexican woman called ROSA, which is a long story - but I had some female trouble and had her covered up with thorns. "I had my ex-wife's name on me, which has become a Middle Eastern cross. I have a lotus flower that covers up another name. "I just got a new one, it's a mushroom on my calf that says ANGIE. She's my soul-mate you know, so that one will stay." (SVD/FH/NFA)

Source: WENN



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