Date: 28th November 2000

Crowe's A Lucky Guy

RUSSELL CROWE is the most fortunate man alive - because he never goes anywhere without his stash of lucky charms.

The ROMPER STOMPER actor credits his movie success, his relationship with MEG RYAN, and his booming Australian cattle ranch to his collection of lucky items - which have been given to him by his fans. He says, "People hand me good luck charms or leave them outside my house - a silver dollar, a medal for services in World War Two, Stars of David, Maltese and Greek Orthodox crosses. "They usually come with sincere letters about my ongoing safety, so I feel obligated to carry them with me.

"Maybe I'm a bit of a d***head, but I don't like the idea that if someone writes to me, they don't get a reply. It takes a lot of time, but I take responsibility for the job and what it means to people." (KL/RS/CPT)

Source: WENN