Date: 28th November 2000

Robert Downey Jr Was Staying In Hotel With Mystery Woman

LATEST: ROBERT DOWNEY JR shared several hours with a mystery woman prior to his latest arrest for alleged drug possession at the weekend (25NOV00).

Latest reports suggest security at the MERV GRIFFIN RESORT, in Palm Springs, California, where the actor was relaxing, alerted Downey Jr that police were on their way after a tip off by an anonymous caller. The actor was alone when the police arrived but a limousine was waiting to take himself and his lady friend to dinner. Police asked to search the room and discovered a prescription bottle with the label scratched out buried in a tissue box. When asked what the powder in the bottle was, the actor told police, "I think it's speed."

Police also found a WONDER WOMAN outfit and other fancy dress paraphernalia in his suite. The actor, currently a guest star in ALLY McBEAL, later asked police for a cigarette from his jail cell. SGT BRIAN ANDERSON of Palm Springs Police says, "We told him we can't bend the rules just because you're a movie star, but he said, 'I'm just a man with a drugs problem.'" The actor later asked for food and ate two reheated pieces of pizza and drank a can of Coca Cola. (KL/WNV/PDD)

Source: WENN