Date: 28th November 2000

Glenn Close's Parents Were Cult Members

Africa saved actress GLENN CLOSE from growing up as a member of a cult.

The FATAL ATTRACTION stars' parents were devotees of conservative salvationist organisation MORAL RE-ARMAMENT when she was a child - but she's grateful her doctor father found his calling while working in The Congo.

Close, who spent time with her parents when she wasn't at boarding schools in Switzerland and Connecticut remembers the change she saw in her parents. She says, "My parents were very idealistic and I think they were susceptible at a certain in their lives to the allure of a group like that. "The appeal, as with any cult, was that, after the war, many young people felt traumatised. Looking back as an adult, I'm so proud of my parents, so in awe of them - they're great humanists, and they broke away.

"The catalyst was going to Africa, where my father saw what he was meant to do, which was to be a doctor and help people. He was the only surgeon in the Congo for four months during the mutiny. He stepped into his destiny there and he told the group to go jump in the lake." (KL/LADN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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