Date: 27th November 2000

Dalmation Breeders Worry About Film's Effect

Several British Dalmatian breeders have indicated that they turned down as much as $450 per week for puppies and adult animals for use in 102 Dalmatians out of concern for the welfare of the dogs, the London Independent reported today (Monday).

Many said that they feared that the movie, like its predecessor, would encourage people to buy Dalmatians without being acquainted with the sometimes difficult behavior of the breed.

One breeder told the Independent: "Our only concern is that it will increase the number of dogs that are dumped on us because people think, 'Let's get a cute puppy', and when the puppy grows up they can't cope." The newspaper said that Disney agreed to fund a public service message, to be run in British theaters showing the movie, stressing that dogs are for life, not just for Christmas, and pointing out the differences between the Dalmatians in the movie and those in real life.

Source: Studio Briefing