Date: 27th November 2000

Liz Hurley's $4.5 Million Boob Job

Stunning actress LIZ HURLEY is making the most of her assets - by fronting a $4.5 million (3 million) campaign for a Scottish bra company.

The BEDAZZLED star will become the world's highest-paid lingerie model when she signs on the dotted line for the makers of the ULTIMO bra next month (DEC00).

Last night a source in America says, "This is a huge contract and easily one of the most exciting and unusual. "It's not your average modelling contract. She will get a seat on the board, become a share-holder of MJM and will be able to get involved with everything from helping to choose the lingerie design and colours to attending meetings.

With the deal in the final stages of negotiations rumours abound that the 34-year-old beauty is set to stand down as the face of cosmetics giant ESTEE LAUDER. The source adds, "The deal is in the very final stages and Elizabeth is very excited. Just like the bra, this is the ultimate modelling deal."


Source: WENN