Date: 27th November 2000

Downey JR Arrested Again

LATEST: Actor ROBERT DOWNEY JR was free on bail last night (26NOV00) following his latest arrest for alleged drug possession.

The troubled star, who was freed from jail after violating his parole just three months ago, could now face another spell inside after police in Palm Springs, Florida, arrested the actor when they were tipped off he was "completely unsafe" in his MERV GRIFFIN hotel suite by an anonymous caller.

The caller claimed Downey Jr had "a couple of guns" and cocaine in his room in the Palm Springs resort. According to SGT BRYAN ANDERSON, the actor was distressed when police arrived to search the room and arrest him.

He says, "He was upset that this had occurred, but not upset with the police." Downey Jr spent last night (25NOV00) in a Florida jail cell and a friend picked him up this morning (26NOV00) and explained he would be taking the shamed actor back to California. His latest police mugshot will shock fans, who had felt the actor had overcome his demons thanks to a regular stint as a sexy lawyer in ALLY McBEAL.

In the new photo, he looks like a battered man with scruffy hair and a fat lip. Downey Jr's drug problems were first made public in June 1996 when he admitted in court that he had been addicted to drugs since he was eight. He's now due back in court on December 27 (00) to face charges following his latest arrest.


Source: WENN