Date: 26th November 2000

War In Middle East Disrupts Movie Making

Renewed fighting in the Middle East is proving a bit of a problem for ROBERT REDFORD, BRAD PITT and ANTONIO BANDERAS.

The violence has stalled production of the big-budget movie SPY GAME, starring Redford and Pitt, which was due to be shot in Israel whilst Banderas and OLIVIA WILLIAMS have managed to wrap their new movie THE BODY, set in Jerusalem, just in time.

Williams reveals, "We had Israeli Palestinians and Israeli Jews acting together in a political film so it was one the most interesting things I have made. We were talking about current affairs and they were happening around us." Williams plays an archaeologist who believes she has found the body of Christ. Asked where her political sentiments lay Williams replied, "If I want to wake up alive tomorrow I couldn't possibly answer that question." (KAB/WNSEX/CPT)

Source: WENN



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