Date: 26th November 2000

Ewan Impresses Nicole With His Singing Talents

EWAN McGREGOR should quit acting and concentrate on becoming a rock star - according to his MOULIN ROUGE co-star NICOLE KIDMAN.

The Scottish star, who played a rocker in VELVET GOLDMINE and showed off his singing talents in A LIFE LESS ORDINARY, has been wowing cast and crew with his performances in the new period drama - playing Kidman's lover.

And the Australian actress, who performs DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND in the movie musical, feels the actor is depriving the world of his abilities as a rock star. She says, "He'll end up with a top ten hit, believe me. I can actually see him giving up acting and becoming a rock star. He's totally, completely suited to it. Don't be surprised."

The movie's director BAZ LUHRMANN agrees, "He's an actor who informs a love song in a way you simply don't get - Ewan could be the FRANK SINATRA of this new period." McGregor plays naive poet CHRISTIAN, who enters Parisienne society at the world-famous Moulin Rouge club, where he meets and falls in love with a courtesan called SATIN, played by Kidman. (KL/VF/CPT)

Source: WENN