Date: 26th November 2000

Sandra Bullock Still Devastated By Mum's Death

SANDRA BULLOCK can't bring herself to go back to the home where she grew up, since her mother, HELGA, died earlier this year (APR00).

The MISS CONGENIALITY star admits she's still trying to get over the loss. She says about the family home in Arlington, Virginia, "We're sort of keeping it as a shrine. I haven't been back, I can't." Bullock, 36, admits all the roles she's ever taken have been dependent on how near she will be to her mother, adding "I wanted to be with mum on the weekends."

And this Christmas, Bullock says will be the hardest obstacle for the family, "This Christmas will be devastating hard because Christmas was always about my mother." (MB/INS/PDD)

Source: WENN