Date: 26th November 2000

Home Alone Star Beaten By Cruel Dad

HOME ALONE star MACAULAY CULKIN has shocked millions of American television viewers by confessing that he was beaten by his father.

The child prodigy claimed in the interview that he was beaten up by his domineering father after he spent a weekend away without his permission. And the HOME ALONE star - who was punched twice in the face by father, KIT - locked himself in his bedroom to call the police.

The tortured star says, "I went off somewhere for the weekend and I didn't tell him and he got very angry with me. "He gave me a swipe across the cheek and I went down. I closed my door, locked it and called the cops. I wanted him to know I wasn't going to let get away with those things anymore."

The actor, now 20, blames his abusive upbringing for the breakdown of his teenage marriage to RACHEL MINER. He adds, "
We still love each other, but we're figuring out where we are right now. Because loving and liking each other are two very different things." (MAM/WNSMI/CPT)

Source: WENN