Date: 2nd September 2000

Heche Is Not Gay

LATEST: ANNE HECHE has ended her three year affair with ELLEN DEGENERES because she's not gay, according to America's GLOBE magazine.

According to sources at The Globe, the actress "tried" the lesbian lifestyle, allegedly thinking it was the cool thing to do. But she reportedly found she was not able to free herself from her attraction to men. An insider says, "Anne learned that her basic instinct is for the opposite sex - she just got caught up in the hoopla and publicity as lesbianism came into the limelight. "She has told her friends, 'There are some guys who just make me weak at the knees'."

The insider adds, "
It was a gay hoax. It's the unkindest thing a woman can do to a lesbian. She pretended to be one too."


Source: WENN