Date: 23rd November 2000

CBS Confirms Cancellation Of Angels

CBS confirmed Wednesday that it has canceled Steven Bochco's medical drama City of Angels because the show "did not achieve the ratings that would justify its continuation."

The show, which airs on Thursday night against stiff competition, was the lowest-rated offering on the CBS primetime schedule. The network said that it will continue to air original episodes through Dec. 21. Seeming to anticipate strong criticism from groups who have pushed for quality dramas starring minorities, the CBS statement said,

"Make no mistake: Our commitment to diversity in our programming remains strong, as is our determination to make CBS, both on screen and off, as diverse and multicultural as the public we serve."

However, Washington Post TV writer Lisa de Moraes observed today (Thursday): "With this latest cancellation of a drama featuring a largely minority cast, the major broadcast networks are unlikely to try the genre again for several seasons."

Source: Studio Briefing