Date: 23rd November 2000

Angelina Loves Billy Bob's Obsessive Compulsions

American actress ANGELINA JOLIE thinks her husband's bizarre rituals and compulsions are cute - because they remind her she's actually quite normal.

BILLY BOB THORNTON's days are spent carrying out a number of bizarre rituals such as eating only orange food, and living in constant fear of flying and antiques. But far from thinking her hubby's a nut, Jolie finds it quite comforting, because it makes her seen relatively sane.

He says, "I think the compulsions and stuff, maybe they help me artistically. It does take a lot of energy to do that during the day. "Angelina just laughs at me all the time. I do things like I have to make shapes on the roof of my mouth with my tongue, and we'll be walking down the street and I'll be making these faces, and she'll just laugh." (SVD/WNV/CPT)

Source: WENN