Date: 23rd November 2000

Drew Barrymore's Nightmare With Martin Scorsese

DREW BARRYMORE will never star in a MARTIN SCORSESE film - because he thinks she's the worst actress in the world.

CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Barrymore, who says she never "acts", she just "becomes people", once broke her rule when she auditioned for Scorsese's 1991 movie CAPE FEAR.

Barrymore says, "I really wanted to impress him, so I acted all over the place and it was just the biggest disaster of my life. "I remember walking out of there so humiliated. I don't even know if they responded. And do you know what? They didn't have to."

And the sexy actress adds she's resigned herself to the fact that she'll never audition for Scorcese again. She adds, "
Martin Scorsese will never call me. He probably thinks I'm dog's doo-doo." (LE/EW/RGS)

Source: WENN