Date: 22nd November 2000

Madonna To Marry And Live In Good Old Britain

Pop queen MADONNA will marry lover GUY RITCHIE - and move to London permanently.

The MUSIC superstar has admitted she intends to wed the father of her son, ROCCO, and move across the ocean - for the sake of her children. She says, "Guy has asked me to marry him and I've said yes but we haven't decided when yet. We've discussed it but we haven't booked a Scottish castle or anything. We're not to get married before Christmas.

We are very much in love and it seems like the natural thing to do. We understand what's real. We cry on each other's shoulders and we celebrate together." She adds, "I feel very comfortable in England. I feel safer. "Eventually there will be a time when we have to decide where is home because of my children.

Fortunately my daughter goes to a school which is in LA, New York and London. "
But in the next couple of years it will be important for her to have a feeling of security. We knew we had to make one base home - and that will be England." (NFA/WNTSU/PDD)

Source: WENN