Date: 21st November 2000

Douglas Leaves Massive Tip

Ecstatic MICHAEL DOUGLAS was so happy about how well his wedding to CATHERINE ZETA JONES went he left staff a 25,000 ($37,500) tip.

The Hollywood multi-millionaire left New York's swanky Plaza Hotel grinning after his wedding night (18NO00) with the Welsh actress, and headed off to a honeymoon in the Bahamas - but not before making sure the hotel's staff were richly rewarded for their efforts.

An insider says, "They were very happy and wanted to show their gratitude. "They made sure all the people who worked at the event were properly rewarded. The tip was divided among a few hundred people - hundreds of us worked on the wedding. "It was a very nice touch because so often the very wealthy don't notice that waiters and lowly employees exist. "They seemed like very nice down-to-earth people - now we know they really are." (NFA/WNTMI/PDD)

Source: WENN