Date: 20th November 2000

Griffith Lashes Out At Drugs Companies

LATEST: Hollywood actress MELANIE GRIFFITH is vowing revenge on the drug companies she blames for her addiction to prescription pills.

The WORKING GIRL star booked herself into a Los Angeles rehabilitation clinic last week (ends17NOV00) to treat her addiction to painkillers, and her mum, THE BIRDS actress TIPPI HEDREN, says Melanie's gone public because she wants the world to know the potential dangers of pharmaceutical drugs.

The concerned parent says, "She's going to start a big campaign about the fact that people can get so desperately hooked on prescription medications, and it can be so deadly. "You know, it's hurtful for not only the person but everyone around, you know, and so many of the pharmaceutical companies say that these medications are not addictive." (KW/AB/CPT)

Source: WENN