Date: 19th November 2000

High Life For Streep's Son

Hollywood star MERYL STREEP's son is living in student accommodation in Scotland.

HENRY GUMMER, 21, is studying English and Art at GLASGOW UNIVERSITY and lives in a $70 (45)-a-week bedsit in University halls. Henry, whose Oscar-winning mum is worth $225 million (150 million), arrived in Scotland at the beginning of the month (NOV00) with 15 exchange students from DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, near Boston.

Henry says, "It's fantastic being in Glasgow, I really love the city. The West End is amazing and the views are superb." Living in a small room at the end of dismal corridor, Henry adds, "I'll be heading back to the States around mid-December to finish my studies there."

Henry's dad, DON GUMMER is a world renowned sculptor and his marriage to Streep is regarded as one of the strongest in showbusiness. (WV/WNSSU/MCM)

Source: WENN