Date: 18th November 2000

Ben Affleck Makes An Impression On The President

BEN AFFLECK famed impressions backfired on him one night, when he found himself face to face with his favourite subject - PRESIDENT CLINTON.

Affleck, who loves to entertain his friends by imitating famous faces, says he even found himself having to give the American President a personal performance of his Clinton impression. Affleck says, "I do President Clinton, you know, everybody does. "I went with a friend of mine to a congressional fundraiser and the President showed up and I got a chance to shake his hand. "I was with someone who was a fundraiser, this very gruff guy who I always imitate and when the President got to us, he said, 'I gotta tell you, he's always imitates me, but Mr President, he imitates you too. "And I'm like, 'you can't just tell the President that I imitate him, I'm not on a talkshow here, I'm surrounded by men with guns.

Affleck continues, "He looked at me like, 'Oh, you imitate me do you? What do you do?' He literally gave me a challenge. A panicked Affleck did the only thing he could, and launched into one of his favourite Clinton speeches, nervously awaiting the President's reaction. He says, "I look over at the guy and literally, his jacket comes open, he is slapping is knee. He said, 'That's pretty good, my man'." (LE/WNV/CPT)

Source: WENN