Date: 17th November 2000

Funny Internet Sites To Be Spotlighted On TV Series

ABC is planning to air a U.S. version of the British show Dot Comedy, which today's (Friday) New York Daily News describes as "America's Funniest Videos meets cyberspace." The show will scour the Internet, looking for humorous Web sites and interview some of the people who produce them. The producers are still looking for entries, the Daily News said, noting that they can be submitted to .

NOTE: In Thursday's edition we observed that that night's episode of E.R. would be the first series episode ever to air in the widescreen "letterbox" format. In fact, it was the first NBC series episode to employ the format. Other networks have also experimented with the theater-like aspect ratio, including CBS (Feds, 1997), ABC (C-16, 1998), Babylon 5 (Sci-Fi Channel version) and, most notably, Fox (The X-Files, 1998).

Source: Studio Briefing