Date: 17th November 2000

Fergie To Cohost The Ultimate Auction

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York -- or "Fergie" as she is often referred to in the press -- has been hired to co-host the previously announced Ultimate Auction, set to air at 8:00 p.m. on Dec. 7.

Among the items scheduled to go on the block are a Soviet Vostok space capsule, a dinosaur skeleton, a land deed to a tropical island, and the only surviving letter postmarked from the Titanic. Today's (Friday) New York Post indicated that the duchess will not participate in the sale of one of the items, the so-called Swan Lake Diamonds that once belonged to Princess Diana. "She would feel inappropriate and uncomfortable presenting any Diana items," a spokesman for the Duchess told the Post. "She is so respectful of her own personal relationship with Princess Diana that she would never do anything that would smack of commercialism. I know that she will not be the one that will present the jewels."

Source: Studio Briefing