Date: 16th November 2000

Arnold Orders Third Re-write Of Terminator 3

Arnold Schwarzenegger has told the New York Post that he has asked for a third rewrite of his upcoming Terminator 3. "The two drafts I read were so big that it would have cost $300 million to make it," he told the newspaper. "So now they're toning it down, because I don't think we need to see a 747 crash-land into all those buildings in downtown L.A. I think we can do it on a football field somewhere so that it doesn't cost that much." He said that the movie is due to go before the cameras next spring. Schwarzenegger also conceded that Jim Carrey's Grinch movie is likely to beat his The Last Day when they open against one another this weekend "I think that movie will be much bigger than ours," Schwarzenegger admitted. "It's like a sequel, a really famous story. Kids love it and all that stuff. But I'm not as interested in competing against another movie as I am in making my movie successful."

Source: Studio Briefing