Date: 16th November 2000

Cameron Devoting Post-Titanic Time To "Mars Project"

James Cameron has told the London Daily Telegraph that he has spent much of his time since Titanic working on what he calls his "Mars project," which will include a novel, a mini-series and an Imax 3D film. "I've been doing a tremendous amount of research over the past 14 months, going to the NASA centers, meeting and drinking with astronauts, and doing the same in Russia. I need to experience some of the things they go through so that I can write these scripts and the novel as accurately as possible," he told the newspaper. Cameron said that the Mars novel/film and other projects, including his current TV series Dark Angel, have kept him busy. "People assume if you're not releasing a film you haven't done anything. Well, I'm the busiest unemployed film director in Hollywood," he said.

Source: Studio Briefing