Date: 16th November 2000

3D Imax Cameras On Space Station

Toronto-based Imax and Lockheed Martin have collaborated on the development of two 3D Imax cameras that will be used to produce a film about the construction of the international space station Alpha.

In a news release, Imax said that the first camera was launched on Sept. 8 and has been installed on the station. A second camera has been mounted outside the shuttle Discovery's cargo bay and was first used last month during a 13-day mission to the space station and is due to fly three subsequent missions.

It was reportedly used to film the record-breaking four spacewalks conducted by the shuttle crew during the course of the mission. The camera was controlled by the crew from inside the shuttle, using a laptop computer that allowed them to frame shots, focus, set exposure and choose camera lenses.

Source: Studio Briefing