Date: 16th November 2000

Spokane News Anchor Fired After Feud Over Co-Anchor

Bad blood between two television anchors in Spokane, WA has apparently led to the firing of one of them -- Randy Shaw, a longtime fixture on Spokane television, the Spokane Spokesman-Review indicated Wednesday.

Shaw, who was fired last week after being placed on administrative leave for what management of KHQ-TV described as an "investigation of a claim of harassment by a co-worker," is threatening to sue the station, claiming that it was he who was the victim of harassment by management. He said he is now the object of "attempted character assassination of his long-established name and reputation."

Shaw indicated that his relationship with station management began to deteriorate two years ago after he complained about the job performance of his co-anchor, Penny Daniels, and that he has since had to "endure months of being judged by how he might have looked at her." In a statement, KHQ-TV manager Lon Lee said, "Randy Shaw was terminated because of his long-term unacceptable behavior."

Source: Studio Briefing