Date: 16th November 2000

Tyson Chokes Downey After "Gay" Encounter

Terrified actor ROBERT DOWNEY JR was almost choked to death for making a mock gay pass at boxer MIKE TYSON on a film set.

The actor was playing a homosexual who tries to pick up black rappers in the movie BLACK AND WHITE, which also stars the boxing champ. But producers failed to tell the ex-heavyweight about the plot.

So when the NATURAL BORN KILLERS star attempted to work on his character with the fake pick-up, Tyson screamed, "Motherf*****!" and tried to strangle him. He then pushed the horrified actor to the floor and yelled, "Why do I get this white f*g stuff?"

The boxer later broke down again when actress BROOKE SHIELDS complimented him saying, "You're so beautiful to look at. You've such beautiful eyes." He cried, "They say I raped a woman. They put me in a penitentiary. I don't need no white b***h coming on to me."

The film which also features CLAUDIA SCHIFFER is out in Britain next year (01). (ALS/WNTST/RGS)

Source: WENN



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