Date: 16th November 2000

SPIDERMAN'S Insect Terror

Actor TOBEY MAGUIRE is trying to get to grips with his fear of insects before he takes on the role of web-spinning superhero SPIDERMAN in January (01).

THE CIDER HOUSE RULES star is embarrassed to admit he hates creepy-crawlies and he's determined to become more comfortable around them before he plays Spiderman, but his latest attempts to kick his phobia have been disastrous.

He says, "There was a grasshopper in my house and I considered putting a glass over it and carrying it outside, but I was thinking spiders are comfortable with insects, so I should try to do this myself and I went to grab it. "But I just freaked out and had to drop it.

I was really disappointed with myself and I was pacing back and forth alone in my house thinking, 'I'm gonna be Spiderman and I gotta be able to grab this bug and take it outside.' "So I grabbed it again, resigned myself to the fact it was going to squirm again, but it didn't. It turned around in my hand and I freaked out again and dropped it and decided to work on that part of my character another day. It was like psychological warfare."


Source: WENN