Date: 16th November 2000

Doctors Order Melanie To Stop Stressing

LATEST: Hollywood star, MELANIE GRIFFITH has been given strict orders to relax and pace herself in a bid to beat her addiction to prescription pain killers.

The WORKING GIRL actress has been frantically dashing around the world to be with husband ANTONIO BANDERAS whenever she's fertile, in a desperate bid to get pregnant again. But Griffith has been told the stressing must stop by doctors at Marina Del Ray, California's DANIEL FREEMAN HOSPITAL, and she'll undergo a complete detoxification programme to get her off the drugs for good.

The Catholic hospital specialises in teaching addicts suffering from unexplained severe pain how to relax and cope with their pain without using medication. Medical Director DR NORMAN S NAMEROW says, "Energy conservation is a major issue, so we help patients learn to pace themselves, adjust their schedules and simplify their work routines. "Psychologically, patients may become totally preoccupied with their pain, as well as irritable, depressed and isolated from loved ones and social support. "From a behavioral point of view, our psychologists work individually and in group discussions with patients to help them deal with depression and loss of self-esteem, plus learn assertiveness training and other coping skills."


Source: WENN



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