Date: 21st April 2023

Juno Temple in Talks to Join Tom Hardy in 'Venom 3'.

Ted Lasso star Juno Temple is joining Sony's Spider-Man Universe in Tom Hardy's Venom 3 in a mystery role, as the sequel is in pre-production.

The actress, who has earned two Emmy nominations for her work on the hit Apple comedy, is in negotiations to join Tom Hardy in Venom 3, the next installment in Sony’s Spider-Man-related universe of characters.

No plot details were immediately available, other than the fact that Temple's role in the film is expected to be significant. No other casting has been announced, nor is it known if Temple will be playing a charcter from Sony's outstanding roster of Marvel characters.

For the time being, story details for Venom 3 are being kept tightly under wraps. However, there are a number of hanging threads from previous films that the threequel could address. For instance, Let There Be Carnage ended with Eddie Brock and Venom being forced into hiding, with the two fleeing to a beach in Mexico before being magically transported to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hardy then made a brief cameo as Eddie in the 2021 Marvel Studios film Spider-Man: No Way Home, in which he was sent back to his own universe, though accidentally left a piece of Venom in the MCU. Furthermore, the ending of Let There Be Carnage seemed to tease Stephen Graham's Patrick Mulligan following in the footsteps of his comic book counterpart and becoming the symbiote anti-hero known as Toxin.

Following its theatrical release on October 1, 2021, Venom: Let There Be Carnage broke pandemic box office records by becoming 2021’s second highest-grossing film in the U.S. with a domestic gross of over $200 million and a worldwide gross of over $480 million. Combined, the two Venom movies have grossed $1.36 billion worldwide.

Source: Press Release