Date: 15th November 2000

Some Improvements But Not Very Diverse

Despite the networks' announced promises in February to increase ethnic diversity in front of and behind the cameras, little progress is evident, a coalition of minority groups said Tuesday.

Spokespersons for The Diversity Coalition told a news conference in Los Angeles that some advances had been made to put black actors in leading roles and add them to writing and directing positions but that Latino, Asian-American and Native-Americans in the business had been untouched by the networks' diversity programs.

Former Congressman Esteban Torres, who now heads the National Latino Media Council, told the news conference that he plans to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity commission (EEOC) if the networks don't make greater efforts to hire Hispanics. Raul Yzaguirre of the National Latino Media Council commented: "We need to move from the old days of black-and-white TV to the new days of Technicolor TV."

Source: Studio Briefing