Date: 15th November 2000

Tea Leoni's Daughter Loves Blood

TEA LEONI and DAVID DUCHOVNY's 18-month-old daughter MADELAINE already has an addiction - to blood.

Leoni, who currently filming JURASSIC PARK 3, was concerned about her daughter, who she takes with her on set, seeing her mother covered in blood. So she devised a way to show baby Madelaine the wounds didn't really hurt - covering her daughter in fake gashes too.

Leoni says, "I was really concerned about having blood all over my face in front of her for Jurassic Park. "Then we figured it out. We told her these wounds were fake ones, that they didn't hurt. and she sat there and looked at it. "Then we gave her one and boom! She became a fake-blood addict. Let me tell you, we have more Band-Aids all over the house." (LE/EW/CPT)

Source: WENN