Date: 15th November 2000

Martin Sheen Call George W. Bush A "Drunk"

MARTIN SHEEN, America's favourite primetime president, told a group at a California treatment centre Saturday (11NO00) that he thinks GEORGE W. BUSH is a "white-knuckle drunk."

In his speech, Sheen said he was concerned that the Republican presidential candidate never received counselling after a 1976 arrest for drunken driving. Says Sheen, "He's still in denial about it. You have got to be in a programme. I did not make up the rules about that." Sheen is a vocal supporter of Bush's rival, VICE-PRESIDENT AL GORE.

Throughout his campaign, Bush deflected questions about drinking and drug abuse by admitting he made mistakes while young and emphasising that he gave up alcohol at age 40. Sheen, who plays fictional PRESIDENT JOSIAH BARTLETT on NATIONAL BROADCASTING COMPANY's political drama THE WEST WING, said he is a recovering substance abuser himself and does not mean to insult Bush but to force him to acknowledge the severity of drug and alcohol dependence. (PDD/WNWA)

Source: WENN